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Purchasing Tires in Georgetown DE

Buying your Tires from Auto Collision Repair in Georgetown, DE means more than just getting the cheapest tire. Here we have experience with the most complex run flat tire technology as well the basics. We can help you if you need a simple Tire Fix, Patch or Repair. With vehicles becoming more complex and computerized every year it is important that you have your Tire Rotation, balanced, purchased and repaired from the right shop.

Tires - Make the Right Choice

Shop car Tires in Georgetown DE Tire choice and installation as well as inflation may seem like a simple thing in Georgetown. However, the incorrect choice can result in premature wear costing you a lot when you have to replace them more often then needed. As an experienced shop with the latest in equipment we know the details like getting the correct size is important. Getting the wrong size or type can cause wear on the rest of the vehicle's components like the differential and transmission. Imagine a costly repair because of choosing the wrong tires.

Shop for Tires in Georgetown Delaware

Tire choice can also effect your everyday driving feeling, performance and costs. With the incorrect size your speedometer can read the wrong speed. When tires are smaller in height the speedometer can actually read faster than the accurate speed and cause a loss in fuel efficiency. When larger or "taller" the speedometer can read slower than the actual speed. Too wide and they can rub, especially when turning. Width can also create premature wearing on the wheel bearings. You can feel a "sloppy" or "sluggish" response in situations like emergency braking, bumps and tight turns. When choosing your Georgetown tire purchase remember there is a lot more in the decision than just price. Come in to our tire sales in Georgetown DE for the right tire in every way.