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Air Conditioning Repair in Georgetown Delaware

Air Conditioning repairs near Georgetown DE 19947

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Yes! we are Certified and have the Proper Equipment for R134a Refrigerant & ‎R1234YF Refrigerant

Air Conditioning Repair in Georgetown, DE is a service we can handle with our decades of experience.

AC Complete Replacement in Georgetown DE

When your Georgetown vehicle's air conditioning system is in need of complete replacement we are ready to make you cool again. We have the training and equipment needed to get your temperature just right the first time. There are a lot of components and we check your system thoroughly to find the culprit and keep your repairs to a minimum. We check your AC; compressor, filter, clutch orifice tube, resistor, blower, blower motor, servo, switch, valve, evaporator, gaskets, springs, washers, hoses, tubing, fittings and various related sensors.

Complete replacement is the last option we want but when it's needed we will work with you to get you comfortable and your car's AC cranking in Georgetown DE 19947.

AC Recharge in Georgetown DE

If your AC is not running as cool as it needs to be this is a good indicator that the system may need a recharge. As a car ages and components fatigue it is possible that the air conditioning system has fatigued and it is time for a recharge. We can provide you a comprehensive inspection and recharge it if needed to keep you cool in Georgetown DE

AC Leak Repair in Georgetown DE

An A/C Leak may be the cause for your car blowing warm air. You car's air conditioning temperature might not have been cool enough and think that it's time for a recharge. That might be very true, however as an experienced auto repair and body shop in Georgetown DE we are sure to use our computerized diagnosis equipment to test and find if there is a leak. We test your entire system and if a leak is found we repair or replace the components and get you back to comfort and you car's air conditioning fixed right the first time.

Car & Truck AC repairs near Georgetown DE 19947